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Organic Peru

*Roast: City (Light)

Cocoa and honey come to mind when drinking this coffee.
Its light roast makes for a sweet, fruity acid with a clean body.
A beautifulorigin for pour over and drip.

Organic Sumatra

*Roast: Full City (Medium)

Tried and true this full bodied coffee, satisfies one and all.
Very Low Acid, truly pleasant to drink with
a vibrant earthy hue

Organic Yirgacheffe

*Roast:Vienna Roast (Quite Dark)

Grown in Ethiopia, this bean has a exquisite and potent bouquet, rich in fruit and berries. The darker treatment reduces the acidity and produces a contrasting strong, yet delicate roast profile.

Organic Chiaroscuro

*Roast: Full City & Vienna (Medium and Dark)

A marriage of coffees from the Far East & the Americas,
balancing medium and dark roasts. This lovely blend makes
both an excellent espresso, as well as
an every-day-drinkable drip coffee.

Organic Über Noir

*Roast: French (Quite Dark)

In a word, dark. In two words, extremely dark.
This blend boasts a bold roast character.
The levels of acid and caffeine are both reduced by such a dark roast.

DECAF Organic Über Noir

*Roast: French (Quite Dark)

This water process decaf is for the true coffee lovers. The best decaf that you’ve ever had.